JBA's 5 Steps to Home Design Success

With over 15 years of Architectural Design and Construction Management experience, Jack Burns Architecture provides clients with a visualization tool for their design projects and helps to take the worry out of the process. The five steps below are a time-tested framework to visualize your project and gives you a complete picture of the services which Jack Burns Architecture will provide.

What do I want to build?  Hiring Jack Burns Architecture:

JBA will visit your home free of charge in order to discuss your project and conceptual design ideas. Getting to know you and your design intentions is the most important step in the process. I know that you have carefully considered the work you are about to undertake, let JBA help you to visualize the process to make it a reality!

What will it look like?  The Design Process:

Over a series of meetings, JBA will provide you with ideas and options for the layout and look of your home. I pride myself in my ability to create unique, appropriate design solutions for your needs and I will work in tandem with you in order to make sure that your “wish list” is incorporated into the design. JBA will specify all the components of the project including finishes, cabinetry, fixtures, and lighting.

How will it be built?  The Construction Document Process:

When the design process is complete, JBA will prepare the construction documents for your project. These drawings specify in great detail all of the components which will go into the actual construction of your project and will comply with all local and state building codes.

Structure, materials, finishes, lighting, cabinetry layouts, and more will be documented to assure an accurate price for the scope of your work during the bidding and negotiation process with your potential General Contractors.  These are also the drawings which will be signed and sealed by JBA for obtaining the construction permits required by your local municipality.

Who will build it?  The Bidding and Negotiation Process:

During the bidding and negotiation process, JBA will assist you with the analysis of the bids from your potential General Contractors. JBA will conduct site visits and meetings with the General Contractors bidding the project in order to review and familiarize them with the scope of the project. After all of the bids are submitted for review, JBA will assist you with selecting the Company best suited to your needs to perform the construction work. Remember, the lowest bid is not always the best choice!

Let’s build it!  The Construction Process:

During construction, JBA will act as your representative and advocate with the General Contractor, managing the project on your behalf. JBA will review all requests for payment, attend construction meetings, and monitor the progress of your project. This frees you from a lot of the day-to-day stress that is natural on a construction project and assures you that your design comes to life!

The true value of hiring Jack Burns Architecture is not only great design, but also the management of the entire process from beginning to end. Home design is a complicated procedure which JBA’s years of expertise will make easy for you. By engaging JBA to design and manage your project, you will achieve not only the great design you have hoped for but have an advocate in your corner throughout the entire process!

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